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Stephanie Sharp, PhD

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Neuropsychological Assessment Services

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Children & Teens

Are you concerned that your child is struggling to perform up to their potential? Does it feel like something is getting in the way, but you're not sure what?

Is your child or teen.....​​

  • Struggling to keep up in school?

  • Forgetful, disorganized or easily distracted?

  • Having trouble following directions?

  • Experiencing academic difficulties? 

  • Struggling socially?

  • Always on the move or constantly interrupting?

  • Performing well above or below peers in certain areas?

If so, I can help! 

"As a licensed child psychologist, with years of training and experience conducting evaluations with teens and children encountering similar challenges, I can provide insights to aid in answering these important questions. In addition, I can help pinpoint helpful interventions based on your child's profile that are rooted in the best available current research." 

Young Adults

  • Are you finding it increasingly difficult to stay organized and on top of things?

  • Is there something that keeps getting in the way of your success but you aren't sure what? 

  • Have you suspected that you might have underlying learning, processing, or attention difficulties that are getting in the way? 

If so, You've come to the right place! 

"Throughout the course of my training and career, I have encountered many individuals who are pondering similar questions and looking for answers. We are all built with areas of relative strength, as well as areas of challenge that we can learn to compensate for. Understanding your profile can be a very empowering tool in promoting success."

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